Category: CVS Hemodynamics

Pulmonary Circuit

Properties of Pulmonary Circuit The heart pumps a volume of blood into the lungs which after getting oxygenated is transported back to heart. This oxygenated blood is then pumped out of the heart and into the aorta and...

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Control of the Coronary Blood Flow

Coronary Circulation The coronary vasculature supplies blood to the muscles of the heart (myocardium). These coronary arteries are the first branches (right & left coronary arteries) that arise from the aorta, and they run...

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Blood Pressure Control By Baroreceptors

Mean Arterial Pressure The mean arterial pressure (MAP), also considered as the perfusion pressure, is taken as the pressure difference between the arteries and the veins. The regulation of blood pressure is done in order to...

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General Principles of Hemodynamics

Organization of Cardiovascular System The human heart has 4 chambers which are the two atria and the two ventricles. These 4 chambers are divided into 2 functional units referred to as the left heart and the right heart. These...

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Overview of Blood Flow

This overview begins with major steps found in blood circulation throughout the cardiovascular system. Remember this process is continuous allowing the: 1) maintenance of cell-level metabolism by the transportation...

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