Confusion are always a part of medical student’s life. We are confused starting from the first day of medical school till the end of our degree and thereafter too. Confusion are more for a medical students during the time of examination and most, at the examination hall. I have listed few confusion that can help … Continue reading CONFUSION FOR A MEDICAL STUDENT


Insult to liver on long run can cause fibrosis of the liver and formation of nodules ,which is termed as liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is a chronic condition of the liver in which there is fibrosis and formation of nodules. The normal architecture of the liver gets distorted and patient presents with number of clinical … Continue reading LIVER CIRRHOSIS – PART I


Diuretics forms one of the base pillars in treating hypertension and edema. These groups of drugs increases  rate of urine flow. Based on their mechanism of action their efficacy varies. Before moving into diuretics I would recommend to revise renal physiology which will make it easier to get deeper and clear concept of mechanism of … Continue reading EXPLORING DIURETICS


There are different hormones related to gastrointestinal system which plays important role in digestion of the food. These hormones are related to each other and in different pathological condition, their production may increase or decrease leading to derangement of digestive process. Some important hormones are Gastrin, Cholecystokinin (CCK), Secretin, Somatostatin, and Motilin. GASTRIN Gastrin is … Continue reading HORMONES OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT


When scientists are looking for presence of water in some other planets, we doctors are trying our best to know as much details as possible about our own body. Starting from the days when dead bodies were stolen from the graveyard so that they can learn about the anatomy of various organs, we have come … Continue reading MESSAGE FOR EVERY MEDICAL STUDENT

MAGNESIUM: Unexplored Mineral

Most of us in our life encounter muscle spasm, back pain and various grades of musculoskeletal pain. We often suffer from number of pain related diseases especially during the old age due to derangement of number of minerals within the body. There are number of minerals in our body and they have diverse role inside … Continue reading MAGNESIUM: Unexplored Mineral