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Board of Directors 2015/2016-Current Medical Outreach Nepal is collaboration between physicians from the United States and Nepal.

 Academic Coordinator for MBBS students 03/2016- Current

 Vice Chairperson 05/2015- 2016: Nyanopan (Social Organization)

 Working on the third international book, Anatomy and Physiology.

 Acknowledged as one of the resource person for writing a WHO manual draft on Cervical Cancer Screening in Nepal, in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Nepal, 2015.

 On September 4th 2015, conducted a seminar on Anatomy and Physiology

 Worked as an organizing secretary for conducting a first 3 days international residential training on Trauma, Resuscitation and Mass Casualty Management with collaboration from University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Texas, USA. (from 21st September to 23rd September).

 Chief Executive Officer 04/2014- 2016: Tarun Sabha Kathmandu, Nepal

 Member of the Executive Board 01/2013- 2016: Prerana Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal

 Completed writing two books on medical subjects. The first book, A Journey into the Human Body, has been reviewed and appreciated internationally (2010-2013)

Registered in Nepal Medical Council.

Certified Website designer (3 months) from Escol Informations Pvt. Ltd, India.

During the earthquake disaster in Nepal (2015), I lead a group of medical students and doctors to twelve affected places focusing on health camps, health sanitation and epidemics prevention.

During the swine flu epidemics in Jajarkot, Nepal (2015), I volunteered to reach the swine flu epidemic area.

Fashion icon intern of the year, First batch, KIST Medical College (Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University).

Number of news/interviews/books/papers published.

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